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Thursday 28 May 2015

The Mothers of Change - guest blog by Anastacia J. Nutt

THE MOTHERS OF CHANGE   by Anastacia J. Nutt

This year's guest blog by Anastacia J. Nutt examines the nature of the changes which our world is facing and opens a powerful way of undergoing these times with love and discipline, and the guidance of the Mothers of Change - the Goddesses best able to support us at these times. In Anastacia's book, The Mother of Change*, the Goddess Orchil, Sekhmet, Athena, Inanna, Myriam and Ananke reveal pathways by which we can walk with good guidance.

Ananke's Daughters

Without a doubt, we are facing unprecedented change at this time; no one denies this social, spiritual, political and environmental truth. However, those who would make us believe that these forces of change must be “battled,” “conquered” and “commanded” are offering neither wisdom nor truth. Those who fill our minds with the fears of externally-derived tyrannies, be they human, geologic, viral or technological, to which our only response is an embattled one, are offering neither wisdom nor truth.  These two precious gifts can never be found in the throes of separation; they may only be found within the unity consciousness of all living beings. 

To this end, we must strive to become spiritual ambassadors of the human race. Various sources tell us that 21st century was destined to be a time of great change. The discovery that awaits us is how best to live within these times while continuing to offer ourselves to the world.  The Mothers of Change help us adjust to the changing Cosmos, while staying fully engaged in life.

The Mothers of Change are the Divine Feminine forces who, over the course of our lives, guide and direct us with the same balance of love and discipline as our human guardians. When we work them in this unique sacromagical manner, these six Mothers enable us to face and gracefully navigate the forces of change challenging humanity and the planet today.   
Inanna and Sargon
Change is thus created by the reordering of the elements. As the proportion of Earth to Water and Air to Fire fluctuates, old patterns and influences are released and new patterns and influences come into form.  Moreover, these changes occur first in the Divine templates of Cosmic law before they become manifest in the physical world of form.

Ananke and the Spindle of Necessity
Because the temporal Mother Goddesses mediate the power of the elements, in real time (from moment to moment, never ceasing), through their part human/part Divine form, they also mediate the changes of the elements as they occur. Thus, when we work with these Mother Goddesses and the powers they mediate, we receive intimations of the yet-to-manifest whispers of change to come.  The work with The Mothers of Change enables us to work with change as it materializes!

You can join Anastacia and R.J.Stewart for their retreat at Hawkwood College:

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Based upon Anastacia's book, this sacromagical series brings us into deep communion with six Mother-Goddesses who have inspired, uplifted, and guided humankind though times of change since antiquity.  Now, when so much profound change occurs, we remember and return to The Mothers of Change. Our retreat includes intensive work with the unique meditational and visionary system of The Fifth Nameless Goddess, created by R J Stewart, taught to small groups from the 1980s to the present. See www.rjstewart.org (calendar) for more information. Single  £415, Shared  £365 Non res £300  Please send your non-returnable deposit of £120 payable to Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Rd., Stroud, Glos GL6 7QW. Book on 01453 759034 or enquire at info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk,quoting course 15-272  

Anastacia J. Nutt and R.J.Stewart are authors, teachers and stewards of the sacromagical systems of the Western Esoteric Tradition.  To learn more about their work, please visit: www.rjstewart.org.

*The Book and CD of The Mothers of Change by Anastacia Nutt are available from